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Grupo IQE, Spain

Brine disposal. Feasibility study, process design and basic engineering of a marketable sodium sulphate crystallization plant. “Zero liquid discharge” system.

Confidencial, Spain

Metallic fly ash. Basic engineering of hydrometallurgical process with solid-liquid separation technologies.

MAGNA, Spain

Brine disposal. Feasibility study and process design of a marketable magnesium sulphate crystallization plant. “Zero liquid discharge” system.

Vedani Carlo Metalli, Italy (*)

Aluminum drosses treatment and salt crystallization.



Salinas de Navarra, Spain

Process design, EPCM Project execution and commissioning of a vacuum salt crystallization system.

Elcogas, Spain (*)

“Zero liquid discharge”. Brine concentration and crystallization with ammonia stripping.

Iberpotash, Spain (*)

Potassium chloride and sodium chloride crystallization systems.

Magnelec (Peñoles), Mexico (*)

Glauber salt and anhydrous sodium sulphate crystallization systems.

Asia Symbol (Shandong), China (*)

Chloride and potassium removal from recovery boiler ashes. Crystallization system.



Abengoa Bioenergy, Netherlands (*)

Bioethanol stillage concentration

Tembec Tartas, France (*)

Bleach effluent concentration and liquor soap removal

Mexichem, Mexico (*)

Caustic soda concentration


Stripping and methanol

CMPC Pacifico, Chile

Condensate stripping and methanol liquefaction. Troubleshooting capacity and efficiency.

Ence Pontevedra, Spain

Methanol liquefaction. Troubleshooting capacity and availability.


Black liquor

Rinheat OY, Finland

Black liquor concentrators. EPC Project support, training and commissioning services.

Ence Pontevedra, Spain

Black liquor evaporation. Process engineering, EPC Project support, training and commissioning services.

CMPC Pacifico, Chile

TS 80% black liquor concentrators and soap removal. Troubleshooting capacity, scaling, availability and tube failure.

CMPC Sant Fe, Chile

Optimisation of a t/h black liquor evaporation line with integrated crystallization.

Hainan Jinhai, China (*)

TS 85% black liquor concentration.

FE Saint Gaudens, France (*)

Deactivation and concentration of black liquor.



CleanFlow AB, Sweden

Green liquor Filtration. Project support and commissioning.

ENCE Navia, Spain

Lime kiln. Toubleshooting kiln emmissions.

ENCE Pontevedra, Spain

Green liquor clarification. Process engineering, EPCM Project support and commissioning.

ENCE Pontevedra, Spain

White liquor Filtration. Process engineering, EPCM Project support, training and commissioning.

Soporcel, Portugal (*)

Green liquor and lime mud filtration.

Stora Enso Celbi, Portugal (*)

Lime mud filtration.

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